Next 5 Jack and Jill Plans

10 Ways to Plan a Successful Jack & Jill Pre-Wedding Party(continued)

6. Make the bride and groom the center of attention, sometimes.

This is a wedding-related event, not just an ordinary get together, so plan activities that focus on the future Mr. & Mrs. Still, every minute of the party doesn’t need to be structured and people are allowed to have their own fun.

7. Any sex-related stuff should qualify for a PG rating.

This includes decorations, games, food, gifts opened in public, and anything else in sight of the majority of guests. If you’re thinking strippers, stop thinking.

8. Be clear that alcohol consumption must conform to median social standards.

Lubrication is not a bad thing at a party, but no one attending a Jack & Jill has implied permission to get blitzed. The usual family-type party rules apply: Anyone who over-indulges will be handled appropriately. Everyone needs a way home with a non-impaired driver.

9. Should there be gambling?

Except for 50-50 raffles and the like, probably not. Roulette wheels and blackjack tables aren’t strictly legal and you risk someone busting the house with a run of good luck. Plus overt gambling tends to divert attention from other party fun. If hardcore risktakers are not to be denied, a side game somewhere won’t hurt, especially if there is a healthy rake for the bride and groom.

10. Record the event.

Video, stills and audio will be replayed for years, probably more than the boring wedding itself. Get the best stuff online quickly so people can enjoy it while the expensive videographer is still editing his opus.