The Jack & Jill Party

Ever been to a bachelor party where the bride and bridesmaid crash the festivities? It’s usually not a pretty sight. Either the groom pretends he’s cool with it, proving he has already lost his testicles, or the bride causes a fuss because people are having fun without her. (This rarely happens with bachelorette parties. No sane male who knows them would come within a mile during this girls-only event.)

So, if the groom is that helpless and the bride that controlling, why not just have a Jack and Jill party instead? That way both the future husband and wife can party together, avoid STDs, and get a head start on keeping an eye on each other.

Just kidding, of course. There are plenty of reasons besides mistrust and testosterone deficiencies to hold a Jack & Jill, where boys and girls can enjoy a good time together. One good reason is to raise money that the bride and groom may actually need. Another is to allow people not involved in the wedding itself to enjoy the fun surrounding the event.

But unless you already have attended a Jack & Jill yourself, you may not know what goes on or how to hold one successfully. Thanks to happy circumstance, you have discovered the ideal place on the internet to get your questions answered. 

Contrary to some misconceptions, a Jack & Jill is not a combined bachelor and bachelorette party. Can you imagine such a thing? We don’t know how a monster like that would even look, but it surely would collapse into a quivering puddle of ooze. No, there is no such thing as a combined bachelor and bachelorette party. A Jack & Jill is a third thing, altogether different than either of those events.

So what is a Jack & Jill party and how do you have one?

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